So, I woke up one morning……

So, as all stories have a beginning I feel that I am obligated to make this mine. If you are unfortunate enough to stumble across this unawares then I apologise in advance for the travesty of literature may ramblings are inevitably going to degenerate into.

Being forewarned I see no point in hanging around pretending that I this beginning was in any fashion auspicious. In fact I’m not sure there was any beginning at all. Just a gradual awakening to the awareness that upon opening my wardrobe on a day to day basis I was assaulted with a sea of black. I could have been a funeral director or a hearse driver with clothes like that. Or as I preferred (and prefer) to think about it a mysterious women eating bagels outside of Tiffany’s (ok, ok, so I know that that role falls to the ineffable Audrey, but a girl should be allowed to dream. Plus I’m not a huge fan of bagels, or eating anything standing on the street corner).

I have this thing about eating while I walk, you see. I have to at least be stationary or better sitting down before I start eating otherwise I consume less than I feed to the pavement or share with my clothes.

That diversion from relevance was the sort of useless information that I am inclined to include and evidence of what I warned you about to begin with. If you’re still reading I’m glad that I haven’t scared you off. But there is still plenty of time for that.

For now on with my story.

So there I was, standing outside of my wardrobe thinking that I was getting dressed most days and invariably when I went out at night in black.


Well that’s what I asked myself. Everyone wears black. Sorry if I am offending you but by and large, it is the colour that most people are most comfortable in. I think that is sad. And also it is a lie.

Black isn’t a colour, it’s a tone.

The final stop on the gradation away from white.


Like, seriously everyone. What does it say about the state of our lives, mine included if black is the go to shade of our existence?


Black is the lazy man or women’s tone of choice.

Colour is what adds excitement to your life.

And in saying this you have the mission (or at least the notionally official one) for this blog.

Bye Bye Boring Black!

This is my fight against the tone that is smothering the heart of nations. (We’ll talk about pastels later, I have pretty strong opinions on them too.)

If anyone starts to follow this I will upload a picture of my wardrobe to prove to you the dilemma that I am in.

And so this is my journey to put some colour into my life: with absolutely no budget (or any previous experience of trying to do anything like this before)!

You will also get some pretty hectic general life advice along the way, based in almost no personal experience and very little research. In return feel free to offer me any advice you think will be of benefit.

Bye for now, but not forever!

Colour your life.